Yes, We did and we go to the world cup!!

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It’s already been 7 days since the French national Football team qualified to the world cup finals that will take place in 2014 in Brazil. 

After an unexpected 2-0 defeat in the first leg in Kiev against Ukraine, the French team was not in a very good shape. The odds were against them to make it to the world cup finals. Indeed, to get through, the Blues (that’s their nickname) had to score three times without letting anything in….

However, I will always remember that date : Tuesday the 19th of November 2013. As I walked towards the stadium I felt that there was a little “something” in the air . I don’t know why but I felt that something special was bound to happen…And it did. At the end of the game, our national team had achieved what was thought as impossible, they ended the match with a 3-0 win meaning they were through to the World cup finals. 

At this very moment, just like the 45 000 other people attending the game in the stadium I wanted to share my joy with others via the social networks. Despite the fact of being a few miles away from the heart of Paris, I could not get any data connection ! In this moment of Happiness I couldn’t not use my mobile phone to send messages On Twitter and get information about what happened outside!  Indeed,  more than 45000 people were trying to do the same as me at the same time and the bandwidth was so saturate that we could not get any data access.

I checked the weather without Data Access

Where many people gave up as they had no possibility to get data, I however managed to get a connection. What did I do ? I simply used Be-Bound® installed in my smartphone. I opened the Be-Bound® portal and got instant access to data. I started to share info through the social networks at my friends’ greatest surprise as they could not even get an internet connection.

So, as we walked away from the stadium full of enthusiasm after this incredible victory I thought to myself : Tonight the Blues won twice ! Once on the field, as blue is the color of our national team and once in the terraces as blue is also one of Be-Bound® main color scheme !

So come you blues ! And Stay connected !


Guillaume Kolodziejezyk and Laurent Panetier

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