Will the smartwatch kill my (expected) Rolex?

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« If you don’t have a Rolex when you’re 50, you messed up your life ». This famous quote of a french advertising guru (J. Seguela, 2009), may soon completely become obsolete

I’m not 50 yet, but I’m saving every penny to be able to afford a nice watch and show everyone that I’m successful.

A new generation of watches is coming. They are smart and not from Switzerland.

Has the Samsung Galaxy Gear killed my hope of owning a Rolex?
Has the Samsung Galaxy Gear killed my hope of owning a Rolex?

With your smartwatch, you can directly answer a call, receive your emails or check the weather.

Ok, fine! But then, how can I show everyone that I’m rich. These gadgets don’t even cost $300!

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear, you can take photos or videos directly from your wrist.

Gorgeous, but what can I leave to my offspring? I know people who hold their watch from their grand-father! These new devices don’t even last more than a couple of days without charging.

Well, I could also try it and show everyone that I’m part of the pioneers. Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and many others have launched or announced they will soon release their new gadgets.  Smartwatches will become a hit.

With the price of a Rolex, I can get several generations of smartwatches.

If I buy one now I’ll be able to share it with my kids now, because they will love it.

Sorry, Mr Rolex, but yes, I’ll buy a smartwatch now and will probably never be a customer of yours.

So, if you’re wearing a Rolex, you’re definitely over 50!

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