Web Summit 2016

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We’ve just returned from a great week in Lisbon where we attended Web Summit. Olivier Rousseau, our CTO, was there to let everyone know that Android developers now have a platform that can let them develop apps that work even without internet. The #Next4Billion console has officially launched!

You might have seen this guy (Olivier Rousseau) making the rounds if you were at Web Summit 2016

The web summit, Europe’s largest tech event, attracting techies from the world over, was a perfect place to grow our network and meet potential partners and developers who want to build the #Next4Billion community with us. The #Next4Billion platform is a collective effort to empower emerging countries and foster digital ecosystems that are in their embryonic stages. Be-Bound believes that a connected world is a developed world, and our patented mobile technology has found a way to optimize all networks so that data is compressed and accessible anywhere there is a phone signal. For those of us who went to Web Summit, internet is basically the equivalent of our basic needs: food, water, internet…and not always in that order . But almost every company present at Web Summit has a global vision, and in order to truly go global, one thing is certain, the world needs better connectivity. In developing countries, internet access,(what should be a human right), is a luxury. Improved connectivity will improve international development at every level, from the daily opportunities it affords individuals (education, health, jobs, etc.), to the advancement of governmental programs and international standing.

If you met Olivier at Web Summit, we’re sure he gave you a full explanation of the N4B platform. The SDK integration is straightforward, and we’re on the other end to answer any questions. For everyone reading this, please hop over to the site and sign up so that we can get the #Next4Billion connected as soon as possible!

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