Unforgettable Valentine’s day

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Imagine. We are on the 14th of February, you are in a bus in the Andes, on your way back to the Airport. It’s early in the morning, if every goes according to plans,  you will be  back home for 6 pm. Suddenly, you realize that it is Valentine’s day and you have not planed anything yet….

No problem. You have your smartphone with you. You get it out of your pocket and while the taxi takes you to the airport going up and down a few passes, you will book a restaurant on line, order some flowers and get them delivered home. Your wife will be in admiration with so much attention and she will be so proud to be with such a thoughtful husband. In theory yes ! Because once you get your smartphone out of your pocket you realize that you have no data network ! Most people would think they are doomed but not you. That smile on your face never leaves you and, as usual when abroad, you start your favorite application: Be-Bound®. You stay connected even with low or no network. So you get to book that very table of yours in that restaurant you both love, the most beautiful bouquet ever will reach your wife in less than four hours and, icing on the cake, you even have time to check your mails and send answers, to make sure that nobody will spoil that special evening with your wife……

This Valentine’s day will be unforgettable because you stayed connected…..

Happy Valentine’s day to all !

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