The tunnels of this world

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Have you noticed the number of tunnels, subways or undergrounds we come across in our daily life. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend in them ?

I am almost certain that we have all said the following sentences at least once in our connected lifetimes “I am heading into a tunnel, we might get cut off!” or something along those lines : “I did not answer your call as I was in the underground and had no network”, and a last one to finish “Hello! Hello !? Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?”. Sound familiar?

In big and small cities we spend an important part of our time underground and, in those situations the data network quality is far from ideal. Actually, most of the time there is not network what so ever….

That is where Be-Bound® comes in handy.

I often use it in the tube for instance, or as one of my friends recently did on his way to London in the Channel Tunnel. It is amazing to see people’s look when I carry on using my smartphone and I get a data network and they don’t.

They check their phones, the signal, the settings. They try several things, but nothing works. I can then see in their eyes some frustration, they wonder which carrier I am with that can allow me to get a data signal in such bad conditions…

In that case, if I can engage the conversation, I just show them my screen and say : “I have downloaded Be-Bound®. Do you know this app ?”.

After a quick explanation of what Be-Bound® can do, I often see a grin on their face and, as soon as they get a signal back, they download the app, to stay connected….

And what about you ?

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