3,000 miles of tunnels beneath Montreal and no data.

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 The underground of the Canadian city of Montreal is dug with over 3,000 miles of tunnels that Andrew Emond, a Montreal-based photographer explored and photographed from all angles..

We are not sure if Andrew’s smartphone is operating Android, but if it is the case, we strongly recommend he downloads Be-Bound® so that, on top of sharing the pictures he takes on his incredibly instructive and amazing blog, he could also share them almost instantly on Twitter via our app’….Because of course, when you are down there, there is not a chance in a million that you get a data connection through your smartphone….However, if you download Be-Bound® the odds swing to 999 999 in a million…..

And if you are not as adventurous as Andrew, just think that in a cellar, an underground car park a subway or the tube, the chances to get a signal on your smartphone are slim….Unless you download Be-Bound®….

We strongly recommend you visit Andrew Emond’s blog as his blog and the pictures he took are incredible….


Initial source: gizmodo.com

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