Be-Bound is ranked in the trending apps !

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Today, Be-Bound is ranked in the Trending apps of 14 countries including the United States !

 The trending apps ranking on the Google Play Store highlights the most popular, useful, fun and in the move apps of the moment. Be-Bound is ranked as a trending app in 14 countries including the United States of America.

Why ?

To my opinion, an application that in our hyper connected world allows you to stay connected to the internet even in low or no data conditions is bound to be trendy…. However, I am also convinced that Be-Bound will not only be a trend. With all the apps already available from its portal and with coming soon applications, Be-Bound will soon become part of the hyper connected smartphone user’s survival kit.

In LA, NYC just like in the Sahara or Atacama deserts…. So Stay connected and remember, until December the 31st Be-Bound will donate all the Gross Profit Margin on all be-miles paid by all its users to United Way to contribute to the reconstruction efforts in the Philippines.

Clément Bruneau.

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