Travel the world and stay connected

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There is a French saying that says “in May do what you like”. Very often with the return of spring we tend to want to travel, short or long trip, city hops or a week-end at the country side, we have the choice. In any case, short break or not what we want is to get a smartphone connection no matter where we are.

So, no matter if you travel to Rome for a Romantic week-end, to the sea side for a fun day out with the family or in your country house to make sure the garden is tidy and everything is ready for the coming Summer, don’t forget to download Be-Bound® on your smartphone. You then won’t have to worry about getting a data network or not as thanks to our application you will always be connected to the internet through your smartphone without having to worry about huge phone bills or roaming fees. So know you can concentrate on more important things such as : what shall I wear ? What will we eat tonight ? Which site will we visit…

With Be-Bound® stay connected and enjoy your May short breaks !


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