In the US, you need a tool to check cellphone and carrier coverage

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In the US, you need a tool to check cellphone and carrier coverage

The quality of wireless networks in the US is, sometimes, so poor – even with 4 major carriers competing on this market – that a start-up based not far from the Microsoft headquarters, Root Metrics, has launched, already 4 years ago, a service to map the strength of the signals available.


The app is so useful that the company has partnered with CNET (the old daddy of the online tech info) to offer smartphone users in the US more and more data regarding the quality of the networks available.

Here is how Root Wireless explains what they did and why:

« We’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles testing mobile performance. We’ve collected detailed information on how calls fail, when they fail, and why they fail. We’ve married this type of real-world performance information with signal strength to give you a better picture of what call performance looks like. We’re the only ones who do this. The result: a better, more sophisticated, and more helpful representation of your potential call experience »

The good news for Be-Bound® users ? They will soon have their own personal solution, no matter what !

Michel Ktitareff

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