Together for the Philippines.

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 As you probably know, Be-Bound has decided to contribute to the reconstruction effort in the Philippines… Our partner, the NGO United Way is present there and their efforts are huge, but we still need more contributions…

Be-Bound has decided to grant an extra 50 be-miles (renewable when needed) to anybody using our application in the Philippines. Our application allowing people to stay connected to the internet via their smartphones when there is low or no data available seems to be a tool that can bring a lot to people in the Philippines. In a country where most networks are down or work in a hectic way after the terrible Typhoon Haiyan, we allow to maintain an information flow… People can communicate, get information about safety points, emergency measures and get to know if their next of kins or friends are OK and taken care of….

 We are proud to help and we want to do more, that is why until December the 31st, we will give our gross profit margin away on all be-miles paid by all our users worldwide to our partner United Way….

 So please, help us help people in need and spread the message….

 The United Way action in the Philippines is tremendous and you will find the latest updates by clicking on the following link



And don’t forget to download our application !


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