Today is the day !

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The 4L Trophy is starting today ! We will be closely watching the car bearing the number 843 as this is the team we support and sponsor.

Thibaut and Benoit, pilot and co-pilot of the 4L number 843 that is participating to the 4L trophy starting today from Poitiers have 10 exciting days ahead of them. They will cross France, Spain, the Mediterranean sea (on a boat, 4L’s are not yet amphibious) and to finish the very demanding tracks of Morocco to reach on the 23rd of February Marrakech. This race is also the occasion to bring material to help alphabetize the children of South Morocco. We have opened on this very blog a page dedicated to the 4L trophy where you can track the progress of our favorite team ! The number 843 of course !

Click on the picture to track our Team 4L Jacta Est:



 So come guys and let’s stay connected !

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