Think social and think network

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Marc, here at Be-Bound®, is a guy with social media experience who spent some 20 odd years in California exploring and developing new technologies. Recently we were talking about Be-Bound®’s future social media development and once again I was going through an “old list” of things to do and watch. Until Marc suggested we do it another way…

It is often said that we should not look at social media only through the numbers : Number of fans, followers, retweets, posts. To me, even if it is important to have a community, it is worth nothing if the community does not interact with you. It’s a bit like having 350 friends cell numbers in your smartphone, but only 3 friends you speak to and see on a regular basis.

However, having said that what do you do? Marc’s comment answered this question, or at least gave the beginning of an answer: “Think social and think network”. In other words drop the “Many” and keep the “How”. “How did they become my fans?” How did they like the page, How do they interact? How is their network?

The social medias are nothing else than networks just like we have a network of partners, suppliers, colleagues, friends…We know those people, we met with them, shared good and bad moments, we lived a part of our lives together. Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes days and months. With social media, it should be the same, rather than counting fans we should try to understand them to create exchanges, share moments and go act with them as in a network, not as in a list.

Build a web in the web, not a straight line with dots!

Thanks Marc for that and we’ll keep it in mind for Be-Bound®

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