The End of The Unconnected

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The next revolution will be all about connectivity. What, besides the existence of the Internet is making that possible? …you guessed it. SMARTPHONES!

Mobile Is Eating The World

Benedict Evans works for one of the top venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz, in Silicon Valley. Last year he put together a presentation for the annual WSJD Conference (2015 program here), and he recently released an updated version that is well-worth sharing with you. In this new version, he’s added close to another 15 minutes. Anyone interested in where mobile has been, and predictions for the next 5 years, will want to take a half hour to watch the  entire video to see all the great smartphone statistics he’s gathered.

Mobile: It Changes Everything from Andreessen Horowitz on Vimeo.

To Sum Up

Smartphones are All-in-One

The universality of smartphones is leading to the end of the unconnected. We are getting ever-closer to having zero people offline. By 2020, 1 billion more people will be online, and it’s all thanks to these phones. This is because their personal utility is incomparable to any other piece of technology that’s come our way. Think about it, what used to fill a small room (a radio, an alarm clock, a camera, a computer, a newspaper, a dictionary), now fits easily in our pocket. Add to that a group of friends (Facebook), a university (free online courses and information), and a doctor (health forums, Mayo Clinic, etc…[although we know these are not replacements for seeing a real doctor]), and someone holding a phone is holding a small world in their hands.

We Need Smartphones Like We Need Shoes 

Smartphones are the first kind of technology that almost every person on earth is buying. That’s a big deal. Evans points out that this kind of product universality is only comparable to toothbrushes and shoes. This means that smartphones are becoming something everyone lives with on a daily basis. 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach 24/7 according to Morgan Stanley. It’s not an exaggeration to say that smartphones are an extension of us. Even though we call them “mobile phones”, we are using smartphones everywhere, AT ALL TIMES (even when we are not technically mobile).This is visually illustrated in Evan’s presentation. People are using smartphones when they are sitting in front of their computers. Smartphones have a personal value that the PC no longer has. The value of smartphones has proven to be phenomenal, and their uptake continues to grow at a rapid pace.

A Smartphone in Every Hand

What started as a product only some could afford, is becoming an essential product for people of every income and making technology a universally familiar concept, even in the most remote of regions.

The average price of a PC is about $600, whereas the entry price for Androids is between $30-$40, and it’s arguably more useful than a PC for some. That’s why mobile is outpacing PCs by a long-shot. There are many people for whom a PC would be an unthinkable expenditure, not to mention cumbersome. For these people, the conveniency and affordability of a mobile phone is beyond compare.

“A smartphone in every hand” is something that the smartphone industry will happily accommodate. The two main roadblocks, electricity and connectivity, are being attacked with speed. While a feature phone will last for days, a smartphone usually gobbles energy too fast. Charging stations can be costly or far from home for some, making the switch to smartphones inconvenient. Many are coming up with solutions.

Solutions to Roadblocks, A Few Examples

-The Biolite Stove  : a stove that lets you burn wood, cook meals, and charge up.
-There is a possibility that smartphones can be charged with sound
-Stanford has discovered a new type of battery: The Aluminum-Ion Battery
-As odd as it may sound, charging smartphones with Urine may soon be an option.

Be-Bound® is doing it’s part too: besides bringing Internet connectivity to places without WiFi, 3G, or 4G, Be-Bound® saves on battery power, because it works even when mobile data is turned off.

If you think we should know about other solutions being developed, don’t hesitate to let us know!

…of course, we can’t ignore that glaring fact that there are still 4 billion people without Internet. So although it is true that mobile usage is exploding, Be-Bound still needs to work on getting these new smartphone owners Internet Connectivity everywhere they go!

4 Billion… 3 billion….2 billion….
The end of the unconnected – Approaching Zero!

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