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The Connected Man and His Smartphone

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It’s time to welcome the newest member of our family : Homo connecticus. Homo connecticus aka The Connected Man appeared on the planet circa 1990 and is characterized by an incredible ability to multitask, coupled with very weak neck muscles and overly developed thumbs. These physical characteristics allow him to be in symbiosis with his powerful tool, an ever present extension of his body, known as the smartphone.

 To observe and study Homo connecticus, one needs only to open their front door and walk the streets in any direction. Connecticus tends to be extremely focused on their tool, so it is considered quite easy to spot this species in action without disturbing or distracting them. The Connected Man is everywhere and has developed such a strong symbiosis with his smartphone, that he will likely not notice any observers.

Homo connecticus walks with his head down, looking at his smartphone and controlling it only with his incredibly agile and strong thumbs. In doing so, his neck muscles have been rendered useless and his everyday horizon is limited to a basic ground view. However, this change has one major advantage: Homo connecticus never walks in dog excrement, thus his shoes stay clean much longer than his ancestor, Homo sapiens.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the weakening of the neck muscles will have a major impact on street marketing and advertising. Companies are already prepared to drop billboards and display theirs ads directly on the pavements of the big cities.

The connected man does lift his head every now and then, and this is either because his Internet connection timed out or because he just hit an obstacle. In the first case, the connected man clearly hasn’t heard of Be-Bound , the app which would keep them connected wherever they go. The second case is often due to the unwelcome shock of bumping into an obstacle on the street.

In fact, the strong connection between Homo connecticus and his tool can sometimes put the species at risk of injury. That is why the most likely next adoption will be wearable helmets, connected devices that will warn connecticus of upcoming obstacles and protect him from the various elements that he risks bumping into while trying to take care of business. Without lifting their heads, connecticus is also sure to miss out on the serendipitous moments that the Homo sapiens enjoyed in ancient times, unexpectedly running into friends on the street for example. Connected helmets will solve this problem by communicating with one another, alerting connecticus of any nearby acquaintances.  Connected helmets will be the next wearable device that will allow Homo connecticus to stay focused on his smartphone, and power through his day without ever needing to lift his head.  Already, some cities are designing separate walking lanes for the connected man. Cellphone user walking lanes have already been spotted in Belgium and China (this is an actual fact folks!).

Wearable Device
Cities in Belgium and China have implemented walking lanes for cellphone users

How will this new species evolve? How much time will it coexist with Homo sapiens? No doubt, these questions will soon be answered, check your smartphone to stay updated!

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