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Takeaways: The Global Internet Report 2015

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The Internet Society has released its second annual report, the Global Internet Report 2015, and this time it’s focused 100% on MOBILE access. Why? Because it’s mobile (not computers) that will bring the Internet to all.

Mobile access will be instrumental in bringing the next billion people online
Mobile access will be instrumental in bringing the next billion people online. Be-Bound®

The world is definitely transitioning from feature phones to smartphones. Looking at this image provided by the report on the global shipments of handsets, you can see that 2013 was the turning point, when smartphones overtook non-smartphones. This trend is only going to increase.

Out of these,  Androids have an 84%  share of smartphones. At Be-Bound® we often get asked when we will be working on iOS, blackberries etc. But for now, Be-Bound® is focused on getting mobile Internet services to the largest population as fast as possible, and by increasing our Android offerings in the immediate future, we will be able to reach more people more efficiently. Just look at this image from the report to understand why we’re concentrating our efforts on Android.


Of course, smartphones offer many tools that feature phones don’t, particularly APPS, which as the report states, “are likely to be the predominant mode of access to the mobile Internet for most users”.  Apps, more than browsers, are what are helping us to “learn a trade, improve livelihoods; help with our fitness and personal safety…”

What the report does not offer is detailed data about the imbalance in app distribution globally. This would be interesting to see because as it points out, all Google Play Stores or Apple stores are not equal. Countries have different apps available to them, in part because of licensing restrictions, and in part because of national legislations.

Besides giving the latest stats on Internet penetration and a good overview of the historic progression of mobile growth, the report details how mobile affects all aspects of life: entrepreneurship, livelihood, governance, personal security, accessibility, health,  entertainment and smart cities. 

So…the main point that we’re taking away? Basically, it’s more good news for mobile and those who want Internet everywhere. Mobile Internet penetration is higher, the number of users and amount of usage are both increasing, and prices are going down. Smartphones and mobile Internet are taking over!

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