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BeBound Viva Technology Conference

Viva Technology: The First Edition

Following in the footsteps of Las Vegas and Lisbon with their well-known CES and Web Summit conferences, Paris tried its hand this year with its own event tailored to an international crowd. The first edition of Viva Technology took place June 30-July 2, at Porte de Versailles and was dedicated to new technologies, especially French Tech. The weekend-long event was initiated by the CEO of Publicis, Maurice Lévy, and the CEO of Les Echos, Francis Morel, with the goal of placing France at the center of digital innovation, and of bringing large corporations and startups together under one roof. This year was a total success, with more than 5000 startups, and 300 renowned speakers, Viva Tech positioned itself as an event that will influence the future landscape of new technologies in France and abroad. The numbers alone indicate France’s enthusiasm : Viva Tech welcomed 45,000 people, far exceeding the originally expected 30,000.

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Internet of Things Be-Bound

Connected Cars Will Transform Transportation

In 2 years’ time, connected cars are expected to completely transform transportation. Connected cars in their truest embodiment,  will not simply be “IoT adapted to cars,” but will absolutely change our relationship with on road vehicles.
This major change in paradigm will turn cars into a continuation of our office, an extension of our home. They will no longer be vehicles that need someone at the wheel. Most likely, these cars will be self-driven (tests are already taking place on streets near you in the United States and the United Kingdom! ), putting into question whether driver’s licenses will become a thing of the past. 

Self-driven cars will soon be the norm, maybe retaining the option to switch to manual. IF we consider that  aspect, safety will be taken care of. At least safety of people within the cars. Indeed, pedestrians will  remain, fortunately, human, and will “interact” with obstacles the same way they do now. Hence there are some projects envisioning future connected cars equipped with outside airbags.

Consider for a moment the period ahead of us; in the very near future, “traditional cars” will be on the road together with “connected cars”. In that case, certain traffic changes will have to be considered such as, for instance, special lanes for self-driven connected cars. Above all, society needs to wrap our heads around the fact that this is a change that is already happening. A major change in paradigm is ahead of us, we can only imagine how big…

Frugal Innovation Be-Bound

What is Frugal Innovation ?

In Navi Radjou’s Ted Talk,“Creative Problem Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits,”  Be-Bound is chosen as one of Radjou’s top three companies that best exemplify the concept. Radjou’s talk was based on his book, Jugaad Innovation (co-authored by Dr. Jaideep Prabhu and Dr. Simone Abuja). The Hindi word Jugaad means “a clever solution born in adversity” and translates into English as “frugal innovation.”

After studying the phenomenon of ingenuity in developing countries, Radjou describes how the concept of frugal innovation has been gaining ground as a business strategy in the north as resources diminish.

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