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Be-Bound Robin Hood of the Digital Divide

Silicon Valley, Meet Your Match : Be-Bound, the French Robin Hood of Digital Divide

The HBO series Silicon Valley has charmed us with its spot-on satire depicting the humorous everyday lives of developers trying to make it big in the heart of techland. The show’s first episode starts out with Richard Hendrix struggling to get his startup Pied Piper off the ground, and in the meantime discovering that he’s created a compression algorithm stunning enough to seduce the valley’s bigwigs. 

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Be-Bound’s Lead Dev Goes to San Francisco

An Interview with Melvin Biamont, Be-Bound’s Lead Developer

Melvin, you just got back from an interesting trip to California. Welcome back! Can you tell us why you traveled from Paris to Palo Alto for Be-Bound?

I traveled to the US to work with Be-Bound at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center).  The purpose of the trip was to discuss technical subjects with our PARC team in person. 

That sounds pretty mysterious…can you give us any more details about the “technical subjects” you were working on? Come on, give us a teaser!

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Be-Bound In GQ Magazine!



GQ’s May Issue


GQ’s article, “FrenchTech: Les Nouveaus Rois De La Silicon Valley“ (translated: FrenchTech: The New Kings of Silicon Valley), puts the spotlight on the 60,000 french who have moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to make a name for themselves in the future of Tech. The companies featured are LendingClubDocker , FireChat, and of course, Be-Bound. Needless to say we were very excited that GQ took note of the work that Be-Bound is doing in California, and we decided it was time for a Be-Bound style makeover!… 

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Be-Bound first non US start-up to be hosted by PARC!

Being hosted by PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) is a huge opportunity for Be-Bound not only because it will help us go even further down the innovation path but also because it is the very place where most IT giants and Silicon valley iconic companies started : Google and Facebook just to name two of them.
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