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Be-Bound Frugal Innovation COP22

Digital Divide: The Human Imperative Can Be A Sustainable Business Opportunity

It’s now been several years since major players decided to enter the world of connectivity. Today, for example, Google and others are striving for 5G, while Facebook and others are working to get 4G worldwide.

Nevertheless, some of these projects, each seemingly more amazing than the other, have encountered some major challenges, and interruptions. This is the case with Facebook’s, which had the goal of bringing connectivity to the world population in countries lacking the necessary infrastructure, particularly in Africa. Unfortunately, the satellite that was expected to deliver this advanced technology exploded on the ground when the rocket was expected to launch into orbit.
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Frugal Innovation Be-Bound

What is Frugal Innovation ?

In Navi Radjou’s Ted Talk,“Creative Problem Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits,”  Be-Bound is chosen as one of Radjou’s top three companies that best exemplify the concept. Radjou’s talk was based on his book, Jugaad Innovation (co-authored by Dr. Jaideep Prabhu and Dr. Simone Abuja). The Hindi word Jugaad means “a clever solution born in adversity” and translates into English as “frugal innovation.”

After studying the phenomenon of ingenuity in developing countries, Radjou describes how the concept of frugal innovation has been gaining ground as a business strategy in the north as resources diminish.

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