Tablets optimization for the latest Google Play Store update

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The latest update of the Google Play store is dedicated to tablet users to help them find tablet-optimized apps.

As the usage of tablets is constantly growing, The 21st of November Google Play Store’s update was almost only dedicated to the search optimization of tablet dedicated apps. The idea is to grant to all tablet users a quick and fast access on the Play Store to all the apps that were specially designed for tablet usage. (The tablet designed apps take full advantage of the larger screen size available with a tablet device).

To do so, Google has introduced  a new default view. Users visiting the Google Play store using their tablet will see on their screen next to the tablet friendly apps the following note : “Designed for tablets”. On top of this, if an application has not been recognized by Google as “designed for tablets”, the app will be marked  “Designed for phones”.

The question is, when will Google introduce a mention “Designed for Smart watches ?”….Questions of months, or maybe weeks…..

Laurent Panetier

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