Connecting the world and supporting the Philippines

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In such a fast moving world, what is news today quickly becomes past, then history….Let us not forget that a bit more than a month ago the typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines leaving thousands people in an urgent need of help and support.

Here at Be-Bound® and with our partner, the NGO United Way, we do not want the constant flow of news (important or not) to let us forget that the Philippines need TODAY help and support.

The reconstruction effort will be long and difficult, and any little help will be more than appreciated. So, as you know, Be-Bound® as decided to give all its gross profit margin on all be-miles sold in the world and until December the 31st away to United Way to help found the reconstruction effort in the Philippines.

You can help us help them by downloading Be-Bound® on your smartphone and spreading the news around you.


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