Super Bowl build up

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The XLVIIIth Super Bowl is only a few days ahead of us….You might cheer for the Broncos or the Seahawks, but what will you do not to miss the pinnacle of the season ?

Some lucky guys will be in the stadium, some others will be at home or in a bar watching the highlight of the season on TV. Some others will be watching the Super Bowl on their smartphones….But what about those who will be in low or no data network areas ? How will they know, minute by minute if the Broncos or the SeaHaws are ahead ! How frustrating can that experience be : No network, no access to TV or radio, no mean to know what’s happening !

No ! it won’t happen this year ! Why ? Because you will have downloaded Be-Bound® before February the 2nd and, therefore, even if in a bad network coverage area, you will know what happens at the Super Bowl !

So Broncos or SeaHawks ! Choose your side but between network and no-network choose Be-Bound® and stay connected !

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