The Summit: Davos for the Geeks

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The tech exhibition  “ The Summit”, “Davos for the Geeks” according to Bloomberg will, will take place on the 5th and 6th of November…

Hosted in Dublin, Ireland, “The Summit” is one of the major events of the year on our “high tech and connected planet”. According to the Guardian “it defines the ecosystem” …And we must admit that when we look at last year’s attendants list, we can only second that motion : Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington post, Drew Houston, founder of DropBox, Niklas Zennström founder of Skype and even Bono of U2 (who invests a lot in new technologies). We could have also named Albert Szulman, founder of Be-Bound®, but we wanted to stay humble….

What drew our attention is such an early communication. After all we are in early May and the exhibition will take place in November,  six month from now. We can almost say that, from a new technology point of view, it is an eternity…Information nowadays is “assimilated fast”, digested or not and…almost instantly forgotten. However the organizers of the “Summmit” show us that in new technology like elsewhere, fast assimilation has its limits called : hotel accommodation, busy people agendas, flight schedules etc. In a nutshell communicating on this event 6 months in advance is not too much, it is even, probably a bit short….

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