Of sugar intake into creativity and development of a smartphone application

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Most of us are now aware that sugar brings energy to the body and an extra influx to our brain activity. Most of us are also aware that too much sugar is not very good for your health. But did you know that sugar is a precious ally when developing a smartphone application ?

In Paris, rue de Lourmel to be precise, sits Be-Bound® research and development office. There, and in collaboration with our Canadian office teams, our developers work on our portal and the always improving Be-Bound® application. They are all hyperactive, reactive, dedicated and (most of the time) smiling and available to any questions. I have often wondered what made that possible ?
They are of course a group of young, bright individuals with a common passion for development. And we know that passion is one of the strongest drive in life. Ok, but what gives them so much energy ?
After a further investigation I found out on a side table next to 2 tests smartphones the answer to my question : Six or seven, I did not count, open bags of sweats and chocolate bars. It was an incredible mix of direct sugar and magnesium intake : Sugar for energy and magnesium for endurance…..
How on earth did not think about that before ? The secret of Be-Bound® was there, right in front of me and I had not noticed it : Those guys not only are brilliant developers but they also are advanced dieticians who have carefully selected the nature of their food intake and what it could bring to them, and that, for the best of the Be-Bound®’s interest of course !

Incredible !

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