Out of the straight and narrow

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I was recently discussing with some potential users about all the features of the Be-Bound® application when a member of the audience told me how, if he had downloaded Be-Bound®, he could have gone back to the straight and narrow this Summer.

Stephen and his wife had decided to go hiking in Europe. They chose Corsica and its famous and highly demanding Hiking path “GR 20” that runs from the north of the Island to the south in the mountains. One afternoon, after having walked for more than 3 hours, they realized they had drifted away from the sign posted path and were working on an unknown one somewhere in the mountains. How long had they been walking on the wrong route, they did not know. But they were not really worried. Stephen, who is a forward thinking person took his smartphone out of his pocket and launched the “compass” application he had downloaded to go back into the “straight and narrow” if this kind of situation occured. Unfortunately, he could not launch the app nor make a phone call because he had no signal !

As long as they had been on the right path, the signal was perfect, but now that they were lost and needed some data network, they could not get it ! It took more than 6 hours that day for Stephen and his wife to find their way back to the “GR 20” path…As Stephen told me had he had downloaded Be-Bound® on his smartphone on that very day, he would not have had to worry about having access to a data network. He could have even used the proprietary apps of the Be-Bound® portal such as Be-Path or Be-SOS….And would have found his way back very quickly.

Stephen after our conversation, immediately downloaded Be-Bound® on his smartphone as, it seems he has more hiking plans in mind for this coming Summer !

With Be-Bound® he will then stay connected !

And what about you ?

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