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The Be-Bound® team is constituted of many multi-skilled and multi-talented people coming from all horizons. Some of you already now Gaëtan’s recruiting skills, but today we will introduce Yazid

Indeed, on top of being one of the founders of Be-Bound®, Yazid’s involvement in the French social and economic life has been recently rewarded by the Prestigious French Business Newspaper “Les Echos”.

Yazid has been selected as one of the 150 French personalities who will count in France in the future. To celebrate this nomination, the 150 people selected were invited to contribute to a special issue of the newspaper “Les Echos”.

Alongside with Bruno Bensasson, (General Manager of GDF-Suez) Yazid has decided to interview the famous economist Patrick Artus about the competiveness of the French small and medium size companies.

So with Be-Bound® and Yazid not only will you stay connected but you will also always be informed….

To read the latest article by Yazid and Bruno (only in French) just click on the picture below:

Laurent Panetier

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