Stay connected in Lebanon

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Lebanon is one country to discover, its culture, the people, its breathtaking sceneries, its history, its gastronomy…Definitely a place to travel to….

Lebanon derives from the Phoenician “Loubnan” which means “white mountains”. The central chain of mountains that covers a great part of the country with its ever white summits probably impressed a lot the first Phoenician merchants who arrived in Lebanon. Nowadays, this particularity of the country still strikes the new visitors. Within an hour you leave the seaside behind you and reach a “high mountain landscape” that never stops from impressing. This geography makes however, any attempt to connect your smartphone to internet a challenge. Low or no data signal is often what the tourist or business traveler will encounter….That is why we recommend to download Be-Bound® on your smartphone before traveling to this wonderful country. You will enjoy a great moment and will make sure thanks to Be-Bound® to stay connected no matter where you are….

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