Be-Bound Paris Tech Run

Startups Prepping for Paris Tech Run

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Hey startups, it’s time to get cracking! The first ever Paris Tech Run is taking place on October 10th, and it promises to be a great day! 

What’s Included?

An Innovation Village
With the innovation village, startups can present their products and concepts to other participants and attendees. This is a chance to see what others are working on, and generally get the word out about what each company is doing.  Teams are already competing for votes to win a stand at the Innovation village. If you love what we do, don’t hesitate to vote for Be-Bound so that we can share our mobile technology with as many people as possible!

A Relay Race 
The relay is divided into 4 different legs, each a distance of 5K. Teams can be anywhere from 1-4 people. Structuring the run as a relay means that, while one member of each team runs, their team mates can mingle while cheering them on. 

An End of Day Apéritif 
Time to celebrate! What would a “Paris” Tech Run be if an Apéritif weren’t involved? 

Paris Tech Run Woman

The run brings a refreshing new perspective to traditional ideas of company team building and networking and also brings an element of fun to the business as usual (it’s arguably much more fun to run side-by-side with potential business partners than it is to stand next to them in an elevator).  With events like this, standard business meetings are taken out of the conference room and brought to running trails. This goes hand-in-hand with innovation and getting people thinking out of the box. As Steve Jobs and Apple coined the phrase,”Think Different.” As soon as people are taken out of their comfort zone and into new territory, new connections are made. 

Be-Bound is braving the competition and has enrolled 2 teams – we will keep you posted on our training! The difference between success and failure is a great team, and we think we’ve got what it takes! 


October 10th, 2015


Bois de Vincennes

Over 200 startups are expected to join in the day’s activities, and registration is still open, so if you know someone who likes sports and startups, by all means let them know.  

Want to join? 

Enroll HERE

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