The long way to find the product market fit…

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Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of start-ups. Buckle your sit belt and press the ignition button ! You have the idea let’s try to find a market fit…

Murtaza Hussain is what I will call a “serial entrepreneur”. He describes himself as a “Builder of things and ideas” and ideas and things to build he has, has had and will have, there is no doubt about it. I recently read his post about the long and winding road that leads ….not to your door as once the Beatles sang, but to success. Or should, anyway…And it appears that the most difficult step to undertake is not necessarily raising funds or getting things in motion but finding the right market fit for your product….A very instructive inner view of the life of a start-up, with joys, fears, sweat and at the end of the day a common human adventure worth the (bumpy) ride….So to read this article, just click here

Olivier Rousseau

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