Are you getting ready for St Patrick’s day !

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Every year, on the 17th of March, St Patrick is celebrated in Ireland. Originally confined to this breathtaking island, the migrations that started during the late XVIIth century and intensified ever since have made of this “local” event a worldwide one.

Patrick is Ireland patron saint and on the 17th of March Ireland and all Irish communities in the world celebrate him by organizing festivals, shows, parades, concerts or simply by gathering to eat and drink together. Nowadays, not only the Irish communities celebrate St Patrick. Anybody who wants to have a good time and meet with friends does. So are you ready to celebrate ? On Friday we will organize a game on our Face Book page and if on the 17th of March you are due to travel in Ireland or elsewhere and if you want to share your St Patrick’s day great moments, don’t forget to download Be-Bound® on your smartphone to stay connected in case you get no or low data connection.


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