Mayor of Versailles, and French Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs Listen to Albert Szulman's Speech. Bridging the Digital Divide

French Startups and the Digital Divide

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Last week’s speeches for Be-Bound’s inauguration are still fresh on our minds.At our Versailles Grand Opening, Albert Szulman, our CEO announced some very big news: four new contracts have been signed with Telecom operators in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with others still in discussion. In her speech, Axelle Lemaire recognized the value in these partnerships and supported Be-Bound’s strategy to work in complementarity with these businesses that are already in place. In addition she was encouraged that we work with the existing mobile infrastructure, thereby providing a technology that requires no additional costly investments. She noted that Be-Bound’s method is a collaborative effort.  The opening of our new office was another milestone in our company’s growth. 

Above all, it was clear in Mrs. Lemaire’s speech that she wants France to be a leader in bridging the digital divide. As she said, “we must pursue the goal of equality and social justice. These are also the principals and values that are at the root of Be-Bound: to bring Internet access to those living without it, and to make the digital accessible…. It is an immense undertaking to provide all people with the tools to communicate, along with access to knowledge, education, culture, modernity, and progress.” She finished her speech wishing Be-Bound success on a grand scale, asserting that Be-Bound is a source of pride for France, and expressed that she will be proud to speak of Be-Bound in her work internationally.

Albert, our CEO, made it clear that without this public-private collaboration, Be-Bound wouldn’t be where it is today. He acknowledged the many actors who have played a role in moving our company forward.

In two sentences, Albert concisely summed up the essence of Be-Bound:

 “Our vision, is to bridge the global digital divide. Our ambition is to do it now.”

Shown together, these speeches illustrate how the values of Axelle Lemaire are in alignment with Be-Bound’s company philosophy, and demonstrate how alliances between public and private are essential to progress.

Created in 2011 by Albert Szulman and Yazid Chir, Be-Bound was founded upon one simple idea:  connect everyone to the mobile internet, everywhere. now.

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