Soon, Be-Bound® on US flights?

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There is still one place on the planet where no one is allowed to use a smartphone : a commercial airliner when flying. But maybe not for long.

At least when traveling on a US-based airline.  Tom Wheeler, the Federal Communications Commission chairman, just said that « modern technologies can deliver mobile services in the air safely and reliably, and the time is right to review our outdated and restrictive rules, ». That means the FCC plans to start discussing with the FAA (the aviation regulatory body in the US) on how to propose a mobile service soon in airplanes.

Well, it’s not difficult to imagine that such a service may become quickly very popular. At one condition: not be too expensive. Today, onboard WiFi services don’t come cheap on these planes…


When this service is available, it’s also not difficult to imagine that it will also come at a huge advantage for Be-Bound® users. Because the cost of the service will, most certainly, depend on the volume of data used onboard. Every Be-Bound® user knows that using our apps reduce significantly this volume compared to regular mobile apps. So, magically, the service will come cheaper for them…

Cherry on the cake: since the Be-Bound® traffic does not use much bandwidth, on WiFi networks it works like a car on a carpool lane at a pick hour (meaning the driver can ride fast when others are stuck on the traffic jam). So the Be-Bound® users may enjoy a better quality of service on planes too!

 Michel Ktitareff  




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