SMS is still our favorite tool to communicate

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Almost 22 years ago and, Neil Papworth was the first ever person to send a text message. At the time, he probably had no idea that this first SMS would be followed by many many more, a quadrillion to date to be precise….

Why, 22 years down the line, is Short Message Service (SMS) still so popular ? Indeed, despite all the major technological breakthroughs we’ve made over the past 22 years, SMS messages are still the most frequently used means of electronic communication, far ahead of any social network or other chat services….

There are probably many reasons for that, here are a few we think are worth mentioning . First, SMS are simple to use and, with time, we have developed a dedicated text message grammar that often makes SMS messages look like old Morse code. In that respect, they have become second nature: we send SMS just as easily as we talk.

Secondly, text messaging service is universal and no matter the connected device we use, it is easy to access the text message service of the device we have in hand. Finally,  our third reason for SMS success is reliability. In Be-Bound’s opinion, the main reason for the success of SMS is because when the network is bad or saturated or when the data connections such as 3G or 4G are not available, voice and data struggle to work, whereas SMS keep going.

How many times have you been in the following situation ? You are on a train speaking on the phone with a friend and, suddenly, the communication starts to break up and then finally, completely drops… You still want to finish the conversation but quickly realize that trying to call back is not even an option due to your network signal, so what do you do ? You send a text message… And the conversation will go on…

Text messages do not need a data network to work, they need little, almost minimal bandwidth. Even less than that when they are compressed by a dedicated device. And that’s probably why they are so popular. They maintain continued connectivity and allow people to stay connected even when networks are bad. Now imagine having this same level of connectivity not just with text messages, but with Internet, anywhere, anytime. This is exactly what Be-Bound offers.

In fact, our Augmented Connectivity compresses data so that it takes up the smallest amount of space and can travel along all networks, including SMS! This means apps maintain connectivity no matter the state of the network, no matter the location. Augmented Connectivity gets apps working to the last mile.


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