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Kantar released on January the 7th its traditional smartphone sales data report for the September to November 2014 period. Apple’s iOS confirms its regain in the US and in Europe but what lies behind these numbers ?

Is it a novelty effect due to the launch in 2014 of the i-Phone 6 and the i-Phone 6 Plus or a lasting long term trend ? Only time will tell. But the recent Kantar smartphone sales data report shows that Apple’s iOS has started to recover market shares in Europe and the United States.

Indeed, for the first time since 2013, iOs and Android are almost on equal footing in the US (even if Android is still slightly ahead). In the UK, the recovery is even more significant for Apple up + 12.2 % compared to the same period in 2013. However, one has to put those share increases in perspective.

First, (with the exception of the USA), Android is and will remain at least in the near future, the number one OS, far ahead of iOs. In Germany for instance, Android market share is over 3 times bigger (70.1 % vs 21.4 %) and in China it is even 4 times bigger than the Apple’s OS (80.4 % vs 18.1 %).

Secondly, with the and Loon projects, it’s become obvious that the smartphone market hotspots of today and the future will be developing countries. That is why Motorola announced last year they will not focus on China anymore. Motorola considers China a saturated market, and will instead concentrate their efforts in other parts of Asia and Africa where their MOTO X and G should fulfill most users’ requirements at affordable prices.  Samsung also announced earlier this year that their future is not in Europe or the USA anymore, but emerging markets.

Given these conditions, Kantar’s data, does not come as a surprise. With the exception of Apple, most smartphone manufacturers are concentrating their sales efforts on developing countries and, as they mainly operate Android OS, we are likely to see Android OS shares grow worldwide in the next months and coming years.

 The stakes, according to Be-Bound, are elsewhere. We are focused on how new mobile users will get online without the need for Mobile Network Operators to invest in huge infrastructure plans. The connection issue is therefore becoming more and more crucial and has to be addressed today with light and simple technologies accessible by the majority, at affordable cost and everywhere in the world. For this, Be-Bound is an immediate solution.

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