Will the size of smartphone screens keep growing?

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With the release of the last Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, it may be questioned whether the screen size of supposedly “mobile” phones will continue getting bigger and bigger, becoming hybrids of smartphones and small tablets, the “phablets”.



This constant increase in mobile display is not limited to a manufacturer. Indeed, the iPhone screen size is increasing from 3.5” for the iPhone 3GS/4/4S to 4” for the iPhone 5/5S/5C (and iPhone 6 screen should be near 5” and even 6” according to some specialists).

This is even more obvious when we look at Samsung. Starting from 4” from the Galaxy to successively 4.27” for the S2, 4.8” for the S3 and 5” for the Galaxy S4. Reaching the peak of 5.7” for the Galaxy Note 3!

Well, sometimes size does matter: what would be the point of having a “mobile” phone that does not fit into your pocket?



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