CPU-Z an app that helps you find out if your smarphone is a copy.

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Smartphone copies are increasing alongside with this booming market. CPU-Z is a simple app that helps you find out if the smartphone you have acquired is genuine or fake.

The subject of this post is not to point out smartphone copies manufacturers or users. After all, users who delibaretly decide to buy a copy (should) know what it implies…No this post is aimed at the majority of users that (might) be sold a copy when genuinely thinking they are buying the real thing. Indeed, in most cases a copy will not have the same performance as the original…

CPU-Z can help you in identifying if you have bought the genuine device. All you have to do is download it from the Google Play Store.

Once you launched CPU-Z, the app will analyze the performance and the features of your smartphone. All you have to do then, is compare them with the genuine manufacturer’s performance and features….

So now you know what to do.

Source: www.phonandroid.com

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