A Swiss army knife of a smartphone app

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Be-Bound® was amongst the happy few to attend Tech Crunch Disrupt 2013.. During this event, we were granted a booth in the StartUp Alley to introduce our smartphone apps.

During Tech Crunch Disrupt, Be-Bound® smartphone apps was well received and appreciated. In an interview, our CEO and founder, Albert Szulman, described our smartphone apps as a “Swiss army knife”. Packed with apps for travel, email, Twitter and more, available when you need them.


Indeed, Thanks to our application, you keep internet connection even when no or poor network. This will change the life of people on the go. Into the wild or underground on the tube, you will stay connected. Thanks to Be-Bound® smartphone application.

Discover Albert Szulman full interview at Tech Crunch Disrupt by Robert Scoble.





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