Slow down, you’ll be faster !

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Everything has to be done quickly in our connected world. But is that true ? Or is that just some kind of stress we put unconsciously on ourselves ?

“Can you send that to me please?”. It’s 6.30 pm and you were about to leave the office when somebody asks you to forward an e-mail to him and some colleagues. No problem, you will do it quickly before leaving. You find the mail in your “sent messages” folder, forward and off you go…Until you realize, or not, that you should have changed something in the mail before sending it. Something a colleague of yours asked to remove or add….

So you go back to the office, quickly, turn your computer on again, check your “sent messages” folder, find the mail your forwarded, forward it again after having made the changes and send it again to your colleagues…

In a nutshell, you’ve done twice the job, because you wanted to do it quickly you did it twice…If you’d slowed down when sending the first mail, you would have probably noticed that something had to be changed. You would have proceeded to the changes before sending it. By slowing down, you would have been faster!

In our ever connected world we are used to getting things fast and the proof is that nowadays they try to sell us that the next big thing is “4G” network for our smartphone, because it is fast….It is fast but is not even covering 5% of the world network…3G is fast too and is covering less than 20% of the world network…So Ok I can have fast data access with 3G and 4G, but only in a limited part of the world and only if the data network is available (not saturated)….Some others will be a bit less fast, but will have access to internet data through their smartphones no matter the network. They will slow down, to go faster…

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