Why sharks are a real threat for the Internet.

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After the various Jaws movies, the least we can say is that sharks are not very popular and often seen as extremely dangerous predators. Albeit this reputation is extremely exaggerated, those big “fish” still represent a big threat for internet connections…

Let’s take for instance the case of Google (this company’s name has been randomly chosen, you can trust us…). The Internet giant uses undersea cables for all its inter-continent internet connections and that’s where the problem lies. The sharks are attracted by the electromagnetic interferences that are produced by Google’s transcontinental undersea cables. Apparently, the predator does not like those interferences very much and considers them as an aggression that deserves a strong retaliation act. That is why, all teeth out, sharks launch regular attacks on the cables and bite them so much that they cause internet connection disruptions. The cables are that damaged that each time Google has to repair one it costs the Internet giant over US$ 250 000. That is why they have decided to experiment a new type of cables shark proof…After the sharks undersea, we hope Google won’t face similar problems with its Loon Projects with Bold eagles for instance. Indeed, those birds have been seen flying at 10 000 meters above sea level, right where the Loon projects balloons travel…In the meantime, if you don’t fancy losing your internet connection because of wild animal, you can always download Be-Bound® and stay connected…


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