Samsung, Matt Groening, an apple and the most retweeted selfie

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Today we wanted to share with you this short tale that illustrates the importance of data in our hyper connected world.

Once upon a time a long long long, we mean very long time ago (i.e 3 of our digital days) there used to be a ritual based ancestral ceremony called the Oscars. We are not quite sure of the origin of the name even if most historians tend to agree that it is an acronym that stood more than likely for “On Scene Come All Real Stars”.

Anyway, during that ancient ceremony (we remind you that it took place three days ago which in our digital world can be related to the Upper Cretaceous of the linear time) the master of ceremony had the luminous and spontaneous idea to do a selfie, together with 12 movie and 1 high tech stars…The High tech star was a Samsung smartphone kindly lent (or given) by the Korean firm to the Master of ceremony.

White like the master of ceremony’s suit this extremely smart phone (At least as smart as a Korean Marketer) managed to take the picture and be at the same time on the it !….No, I am not getting mad. If you look closely on your favorite search engine, you will see on top of the selfieitself, the picture of the selfie while being taken featuring an incredibly white and proud looking Samsung smartphone…..A bit as if instead of 12 years of slaves, the Oscar was given to the making of 12 years of slave….

In factThe only thing that was missing on this second picture is somebody chewing an apple… Don’t know why, but that might have fitted nicely behind the Samsung device.

Ok you are going to say but what about Matt Groening?

Simple ! The creator of the Simpson’s did his own version of the Selfie, a kind of spoof, and guess what picture he chose to base his spoof on ? The selfie itself or the picture of the selfie being taken ? ….You guessed it right !

The moral of this tale, if there is one, could be : Stay on the front of the scene and to do so stay connected with  the right device !

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