Samsung Galaxy S4 battery autonomy far better than the Apple’s Iphone 5…

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The British consumers’ rights magazineWhich?”  review shows that the Samsung terminal’s battery has a far better autonomy than its competitors.

The association focused on two main criteria: The battery life span when making phone calls and its autonomy when surfing the web.

In both cases, the grand Winner is Samsung with its Galaxy S4. During their tests, Which ? discovered that the S4’s battery lasted up to  1.051 minutes (more than 17 and a half hour) in “phone normal call usage condition” and over 405 minutes when surfing the web. In comparison, the Apple’s IPhone 5’s battery lasted 651 minutes when making phone calls and only 298 minutes when surfing the web…

No Surprise the Samsung Galaxy S4 is becoming the most wanted smartphone in the world.

The association has chosen two criterias: The longevity of the battery when you are surfing on the web, and the longevity of the battry during phone calls.

Laurent Panetier

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