Are you ready to be rocketed?

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Life on the RocketSpace planet can be very demanding, sometimes exhilarating, and often startling, but leaves nobody indifferent for sure!

The endemic ecosystem that exists on this planet is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Its female population is underrepresented compared to the males. This unfavourable proportion leads to unexpected behaviours coming from men such as concentration and ingenuity… to obtain the favours of the few ladies! Inhabitants form RocketSpace and its surroundings gather every weeks to share a drink

The turnover of the population is impressive! RocketSpace appears to be only a transit planet before heading to a greater planet where you can build your own community. Many aliens explore it every day intrigued by its unique character.

The planet is guarded by a team of valorous warriors who try to preserve its uniqueness by selecting carefully the happy few that can land on the planet. However, the VCs, almighty deities, are the supreme sovereigns on the Planet. They are recognizable thanks to their dark suit, an ancient costume, once worn by the financiers of a planet in the Solar System.

Their apparitions are very rare and ephemeral. In order to meet them you have to follow a solemn rite that starts by providing them with your contact details on a small cardboard card. By analyzing their body language, you can determine if you can go on.

The second phase consists in a pitch, a very specific speech that lasts between 1 and 5 minutes. The pitch follows various codes and rules that you have to respect if you want to reach the sacred altar of the Holy Gods. If the pitch is convincing, the VCs organize another meeting to test your capabilities and passion. Once you have overcome all the difficult trials, you may qualify for the ultimate prize: the eternal wealth and recognition from peers!

Once elected by these all-powerful beings, they give you the power to reach another planet and build your own community as Uber, Spotify or Zappos successfully did.

You are more than welcome to visit us but be prepared to be amazed, disrupted or even shaken by what you are going to experience… No one emerges unscathed!

Clément Bruneau

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