Will your picture be the next best thing on the social networks ?

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What makes one picture successful on social networks and another not? That’s the question 2 American researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are asking….

In order to find out what makes a picture a success on social networks, two American researchers have created a dedicated algorithm that will tell you, before it is published, how successful it will be. The two MIT researchers have analyzed 2.3 million photos published on Flickr and found out they could calculate their success rate just by analyzing the image content as well as it’s “social context”. The algorithm analyzes the colors, texture, shades and featured objects but also some “contextual” elements such as the number of friends, fans or followers as well as the numbers of pictures already published. Here are some of their findings :

The lighter and brighter the colors of a picture are the more popular it will be.

If your picture shows a bikini, a perfume or a weapon it is more likely to be popular than if it shows a heater or a lap top….(Yes I know, there goes your magnificent heater shot!).

If your picture shows people and actions once again it will be more popular than if it does not.

This study is even more interesting as the MIT has created a platform that anyone can use to check the potential popularity of their pictures…

Will you ?

Let us know !

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