The Phonebloks project will be supported by Motorola.

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Phonebloks, the project of modular smartphone has seduced Motorola who wants to launch their own Phonebloks project and want to associate its creator Dave Hakkens to it.

Phonebloks is a do-it-yourself smartphone projects. Made out of different blocs this concept has the advantage to replace the used parts of your smartphone without having to change the full device. To boot you will be able to customize the design of your terminal to make it more personal.

Nowadays when you break your smartphone it is almost impossible to change the broken part. You have no other choice than buying a new terminal. It is to fight against this “programed obsolescence” that Dave Hakkens a young student designed his Phonebloks concept. This project has been supported by several million people on the social networks and on the internet and such a success convinced Motorola to launch their own project called Ares.

Of course and somewhat fortunately, Motorola announced that they will develop their Ares project together with Dave Hakkens and hope to have a first prototype available within one year.

We will be following with great interest the progress of this Ares project….A smartphone we can customize and repair is maybe not a dream anymore….


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