What if your phone carrier lets you down ?

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John, 27, leaves in Washington DC, NW. Not exactly the most remote place in the world….John owns a smartphone and recently the 3G with LTE signal started to come in and out…

John is a cool and respectful person who understands that every now and then networks need to be maintained. So, John thought “OK, they are working on it and soon everything will be back to normal”. A month later, (yes, on top of being respectful and understanding, John is also extremely patient) nothing had improved…So John decided to contact his carrier. The person on the phone told him that indeed they were working on the problem and asked him to be patient, which, as we have already seen is the case for John. Two more months later, however, not only  had the situation not improved but, in fact, it had gone worse. John could not get LTE anymore and when he was getting a 3G signal, it was so slow that he could not do anything with it.

Despite several calls to his carrier, nothing improved. John who was running out of patience tried all troubleshooting solutions, went to the internet to check forums and so on but nothing improved…..Until John came across Be-Bound®.

John instantly downloaded the application on his smartphone and despite no 3G network was suddenly able to get a data signal and get on the internet through his smartphone!

Just when John had decided to change carriers and go for a more expensive subscription! Not only was he able to keep his carrier (at least he can make cheap phone calls when he is not at home) but he has coupled his subscription with the usage of Be-Bound® which allows him to stay connected at all times and, when traveling abroad, he can avoid roaming fees…


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