Spring is here and Summer not far away.

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After a long and very cold Winter (above all on the East coast), we are all glad to see that Spring is here…And right behind it we can already foresee the Summer Holiday season.

Maybe this Summer will you be travelling to one of our numerous national parks. Maybe will you venture a European Tour or a visit to one of the incredible Asian or South-American landmarks. In any case, whatever the trip, you will no doubt plan it way in advance. You will organize your tour, your stops, book your plane tickets, your hotel, get information about the country etc. Of course you will also make sure that you can stay in touch with your loved one and avoid, for instance, roaming fees when using your smartphone. That is why, we suggest you add to your holiday check list “applications to download”. And amongst them, the one that will allow you to stay connected at any moment even with low or no data connection, i.e Be-Bound®…..

So we are all glad to celebrate Spring today and we can’t wait for Summer !!!

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