Happy Birthday….But no data….

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You are a successful Business man and as most businessmen nowadays, you travel the world almost every week. But this very week is special, it’s your daughter’s birthday and even if you are far away from her you will not consider the possibility of not wishing her a happy birthday….

There are moments in life where you instantly go back to basics. This week is one of those moments, today is one of those moments. You are far away from home, in Europe for an important meeting and you little girl who turns 7 today is at home back in LA. You wished you could see her face, her smile, you wished you could tell her “happy birthday my girl ! I love you”. You wished and you promised you would….But of course, you are stuck in traffic, somewhere in the countryside and there is no data connection. You nervously check your smartphone every 30 seconds, but no way, you will not get any data connection. You know that with the time difference, you only have a small time frame to call home…and you won’t make it ! You are getting more and more nervous when you start to see some silver linings on the dark grey clouds hanging over you…Your colleagues who’s noticed you were nervous and who enquired about the reason brought the solution on a silver tray : Be-Bound®….He launches the app on his smartphone and all the sudden you get data connection ! You quickly go on the internet and log into your favorite on line message service and get in touch with your daughter !

Today is her seventh birthday and her dad will keep his promise and wish her a “happy birthday” even if he is far away from home and has no data connection…..

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