New-York city Smartphone Easter Egg Chase …

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Today it’s Easter and we wanted to put forward an original and clever “connected” initiative that took place in New-York city this Easter.

A clever and trendy initiative to bring a bit of modernity to the tradition of the Easter Egg hunt….Since the 1st of April, 275 Faberge Eggs designed by famous creators such as Tommy Hilfiger, Julian Schnabel or Jeff Koons have been spread in the public premises of the five NYC Boroughs.
Anyone who wants to enter this chase can download a dedicated application on their smartphone. As soon as somebody spots an egg, they enter its position thanks to the app and when 10 people have spotted the same egg its location is unveiled to all users on an interactive map included in the application.
Of course the contestants who checked eggs in will be rewarded as they will enter a sweepstakes to win various prizes.
All the eggs featured in this very special connected “chase” will, once the chase is over, be sold during a dedicated auction and all the gains will proceed to a charity !

A fun way to ally tradition and modernity !

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