Paradise island but hell of a network !

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Imagine you are in a paradise Island, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, you are on a deck chair, a cocktail in one hand, your smartphone in the other…You want to share this moment with your friends but you have no network….

This experience could be extremely frustrating. In our extremely connected world we want to live the moment, share the instant. To do so, nothing better than the social networks. Great ! But if you don’t have access to a data network, what do you do ? Leave your cocktail, your deck chair and try to find a post card, a pen, a stamp….Hum that could be fun doing it this old fashion way, but, on the other hand staying on the deck chair at this very moment is much more tempting. Ok, so don’t worry, to stay on that very deck chair, before leaving home you will download Be-Bound® on your smartphone and that’s it ! You will have access to the internet even with low or no data network….Your cocktail will remain cool, so will you…So enjoy the moment and share….Thanks to Be-Bound®.


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