Be-Bound Developer Tutorial Morphy Toolbar

Morphy Toolbar Tutorial

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Ever wanted a beautiful transition when switching fragments?

Morphy Toolbar is your answer  😀 

Today I’m gonna talk a bit about a small library that I wrote for Android animations.

Why did I create this library?
I often come across questions on stack overflow on how to reproduce an app animation like this one, more or less always resulting in the use of the design support library CollapsibleToolbar. However, I find the Collapsible Toolbar library to be quite buggy, and it aims to be used for scrolling events. I needed this library to have a custom toolbar with a picture, title and subtitle, and the possibility to animate it when switching fragments.

An example of this kind of animation is the Telegram messenger application, when opening conversation’s settings (after a toolbar click).

Why should you use it?
-Easiest integration ever
-No need to handle transitions or whatever 
-Perfect to animate small changes in your app statically without scrolling events
customisations already possible, more to come
-Smooth animation for transitions (for example 
when switching fragments) 

What does it look like?

Be-Bound Developer Tutorial Morphy Toolbar


First, add jitpack in your build.gradle at the end of repositories: `gradle repositories { // … maven

{ url “” } }

Then add the library dependency:

Now go do some awesome stuff!


All the customizations are made using the builder methods, you can chose to hide the picture when in collpased mode, to not have any subtitle, …

If you have some ideas or some optimizations for Morphy Toolbar, I’ll gladly accept any merge requests, the public repository is available here. And feel free to comment below.

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