The Mobile World Congress in Pictures

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 Just about a week ago, the MWC 2014 closed its doors. Be-Bound® was there, let’s go back on that event with a few significant pictures.



Be-Bound® was exhibiting with the French delegation, initially we wanted to put a 6’ x 6’ logo on that board, but, for obscure reasons we were not able to do so.


Don’t let this picture of Olivier mislead you, working for Be-Bound® is fun !
Is that an atomic green pea or just Mister Android himself paying us a visit ?
Since this picture was taken, Olivier and Yazid have decided to grow a similar moustache, we will keep you informed of progress.
Fleur Pellerin French minister in charge of small and medium size companies, innovation and digital economy paid Be-Bound® a visit and was impressed by the app as well as Yazid’s and Olivier’s growing moustaches….


Yazid wondering what happened to his growing moustache…But sure of one thing, the Be-Bound® application has drawn once again a lot of interest during The Mobile World Congress.


Roll on to the next exhibition, with or without moustache, but always connected !

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